Guide to Prescription Lenses

Single Vision Lenses 

Most type of prescription lenses are Single Vision lenses. Lenses of this type can only be used for near or distance vision in a frame. They provide a more specialised single distance vision.

Bifocal Lenses

A two in one solution for your prescription lenses are Bifocals. They have a visible line to partition the distance viewing area from a separate, smaller area for nearer vision.

Progressives Lenses

The three-in-one, multi-focal progressive lenses are the ideal choice for those who have poor distance and near vision. These lenses have a smooth transition of distance, intermediate and near vision within a single lens.

Workspace Progressive Lenses

Specialized Progressives Lenses are designed for up-close activities at work or home. Workspace progressive lenses have two viewing areas consisting of intermediate and near vision with no separation line and are a good choice for digital devices or for office work.

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