Customized Reading Glasses

 For Better Reading Experience

OTC (over-the-counter) reading glasses from online retailers or discount store are mostly not a great choice as most of them use unstable plastic Lenses that are breakable and also distort vision.

Eye Winsome reading glasses are made from high quality materials like acetate and TR, ensuring the health of your eyes while also keeping your fashion choices a priority. Our reading glasses are very durable, reliable and perfect for vision in this digital age.

Select Reading Glasses by Usage

Eye Winsome delivers lens types for all your needs.

Single vision lens specifically designed to meet your reading and near vision needs.

Bifocal lens that is a single and reliable solution for both reading and distance vision.

Progressive lenses with multi-power, perfect for near, intermediate and distance vision.

Select Reading Glasses for Indoor E-Reading

Eye Winsome takes pride in presenting reading glasses with both fashion and functionality. Thus, in addition to the latest styles, technological advances are the bedrock of all our products.

Using digital screens, especially reading on your smart phone, tablet or laptop can lead to eye strain or severe headaches. This may affect your eyesight in the longer run. These symptoms can be relieved by using Blue Light Blocking (Blue Cut) reading glasses which are ideal for e-reading and other digital usage.

Select Reading Glasses for Outdoor Solo Reading

Sometimes you just want to enjoy the amazing weather. Sitting under the shade of a tree or enjoying the warm winter sunshine and reading your favourite content is a tremendous experience on its own. We love ensuring that you can make the most of this outdoor experience.

Eye Winsome provides tinted lenses that provide protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent interference of annoying bright glare. All this so you can enjoy the sunshine at the pool or beach while reading books or playing on phone or tablet.

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Frame Size:  53□17-149 Color: Black, Red, Pink

Al Reves

  Frame Size:  50□19-140 Color:  Black Material: Plastic


Frame Size:  52□17-142 Color:  Blue, Grey  Material: Plastic


  Frame Size:  48□19-140 Color:  Printed Material: Plastic


SKU 1922
  Frame Size:  50□18-139 Color: Black Material: Plastic 


  Frame Size:  45□18-120 Color:  Silver Black &
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