28 Sep

Do you feel finding your eyeglasses is a difficult quest? As soon as you have something important to read you just don’t seem to find your glasses. You take them off and they just disappear. With time this becomes extremely frustrating especially if your eyeglasses use is frequent. It takes away your time to search for your glasses. You may require a new pair if you can’t find them for a long time.

Follow these tips to never lose your eyeglasses again.

Tips on How to Never Lose Your Glasses Again & Which Eyeglass is Best?

You should always opt for eyeglasses that provide UV protection to protect your eyes. Choose eyeglasses frames according to your need, the shape of your face, the color of your skin, your eye condition, and your personality. Well, a perfect pair of glasses should match your personality and style.

Keep Your Glasses protected in a Case

It is highly recommended to keep your glasses in case if you are not wearing them. It is much easier to find the case of your glasses than to find your thin eyeglasses. Your eyeglasses will remain protected and scratch less in a case. Nobody can accidentally smash them in a case. If you tend to lose your glasses more often, try choosing bright color eyeglasses frames, they can easily catch your eye.

Find A Place of Your Eyeglasses

One of the most important things you should know if you don’t want to lose your glasses again is, decide on a perfect place for your eyeglasses when you are not wearing them. Your eyeglasses need a clean place. You don’t keep your wallet in the refrigerator right? You can fix a corner on your bedside table, desk, or coffee table. Choose a place for your glasses and always keep your eyeglasses case there.

Avoid Putting Down your Eyeglasses in an Unfamiliar Spot

Initially, it may be difficult to frequently put your glasses in one place, keep them on your face or back of your head until you make the habit of keeping them in one place. If you are in an unfamiliar place, avoid putting down your glasses. You may have less frequent eyeglasses use, this means you can easily put down your glasses in a restaurant or on the couch at your friend’s place and forget about it. If you don’t intend to wear your glasses, put them in your bag or your pocket. Form a habit of keeping your glasses in one spot, it will take time, but eventually, it will help you find your glasses easily.

Glow in the Dark Eyeglasses and Straps

Another tip for you if you still manage to lose your glasses after keeping them in one place is to buy glow-in-the-dark paint. Paint a thin strip on the sides of your eyeglasses frame. The paint should be inside the temples of your glasses. It is the side arms of the frame. Then when you don’t find your eyeglass, just turn off the lights and look for a glowing stripe. If this doesn’t work and you can’t find your glasses anywhere, probably it’s time for you to order eyeglasses online immediately. Not wearing eyeglasses for a person with weak vision can be a huge problem. This will impact your routine, work, everything. Another recommendation is to keep eyeglasses straps. This way you won’t have to put down your glasses.

These tips are very useful, but if you lose your eyeglasses, don’t panic. Get a new pair of glasses, contact eye winsome for a wide range of options.

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