15 Sep

It is always advisable to do your research before buying a pair of eyeglasses frames for yourself. Although you should consider your face shape, eyeglasses use, designs, and size while choosing the right frame for you, considering the lens coatings is also important.

As buying new and high-quality eyeglasses is an investment, make sure to choose the right lens coating for your eyeglasses as well. There are numerous eyeglasses brands that you can find online, at Eye Winsome, we do not only help you choose the right frame but also the desired lens coating. In this article, we have brought a list of lens coatings for eyeglasses online that will enhance the protection to your eyes and vision.

1) UV Protect Coating – Do Eyeglasses have UV protection?

Our skin needs to be protected against the UVA and UVB rays from the sun and for that, it is recommended to invest in a good sunscreen. Just like that, optimists recommend to have a UV-protective lens coating as too much exposure to the rays can have a negative impact on your eyes.

2) Blue Light Protective Coating:

In today’s world, where devices such as phones, smart watches, laptops, and etc. are easily accessible, we should not forget that the blue light from these devices can harm our vision and sleep cycle. To avoid any discomfort or eye strain, it is advisable to invest in eyeglasses frames with a blue light protective coating.

2) Anti-Reflective Lens Coating for Eyeglasses:

The anti-reflective coating is also known as an anti-glare coating that is now popularly used by many people for its multiple benefits. First of all, the anti-reflective lens coating as the name suggests removes any glares caused by sharp lights from cars, flashes, or other forms of glares. Secondly, you feel comfortable everywhere you go during day or night as an anti-reflective lens will enhance your vision. If you are looking for eyeglasses online, make sure invest in the ones that have this feature.

3) Anti-Scratch Coating:

Another type of coating that can be very useful for long-lasting eyeglasses use is an anti-scratch coating. One thing is clear that no eyeglass or lens can be 100% scratch-resistant. Nevertheless, this feature can protect your eyeglasses frames from any scratches or fall for a long period of time. Many eyeglasses brands offer this feature as an in-built anti-scratch coating. Even with this coating, make sure to still take care of your eyeglasses frames to avoid any damages.

Can Eyeglasses be repaired?

Some damages such as minor scratches can be filled in or repaired. However, even with these coatings, it is important to follow the right care tips to enhance eyeglasses use. Make sure you clean your eyeglasses frames with the right cleanser and wipe.

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