16 Aug

Eyeglasses have always been a statement when it comes to women’s fashion. Whether it is to improve eyesight, protect eyes from blue light, or complement an outfit, it is always a great idea to upgrade your look by putting on a stylish frame.

Prescription glasses do not have to be boring and you should enjoy your daily outfits by adding fashionable eyeglasses. If you are a woman and looking for a new pair of eyeglasses, you have come to the right place. We have brought the best eyeglasses frames for women 2021 guide to help you choose the perfect frame according to your face shape. In the end, we have also added some top recommendations for you to help you make a statement every day!

Factors to Consider for Choosing Eyeglasses for Women:

Here are some important factors that you must consider before choosing a frame for your face.

1) Face Shape:

The first thing to take into consideration is the shape of your face. The eyeglasses frames will look perfect on your face if you are familiar with your face shape. Do not just pick any frame you like, make sure to choose the one that suits your face shape. For example, aviators will look good on all face shapes except the heart-shaped face. On the other hand, if you have a triangular face, you can go for cateye, geometric, and wayfare frames.

2) Frame Purpose:

Another important factor that you must consider is the frame purpose. You need to first identify the purpose you need eyeglasses for. Whether you need eyeglasses to improve eyesight, you can still go with stylish frames. Your frames do not have to be boring. However, if you want long-lasting prescription eyeglasses, rimless, solid-frames, square, or rectangle. If you are a fan of cat-eye or aviators, then get ready to take your daily prescription to the next level.

3) Frame Color:

Many people prefer subtle colors such as pastels, light browns, or beige, while others prefer to go for bold and sharp colors. It depends on your preference and personality. You will find a wide range of colors and designs in the market when it comes to women’s eyeglasses. Make sure to get a color that perfectly suits your face and personality.

4) Frame Materials:

Last but not least, do not forget to consider the frame material before buying one. If you are choosing a prescription frame for daily use, then it is the best policy to get a lightweight frame such as rimless eyeglasses. On the other hand, if you are using the frames for fashion purposes, then you can go with broad and heavy frames.

Top Recommendations for Eyeglass Frames for Women 2021:

1) Azy:

Available at $29.95 only


This stylish frame has made it to our top list of recommendations for so many reasons. First of all, if you are a woman and looking for lightweight square prescription eyeglasses, this is the best choice for you. Azy comes in two designs that are black & red, blue & black, and full black frame.

2) Carmen:

Available at $19.95 only


Your daily eyeglasses do not have to be dull! Whether you want a prescription eyeglass frame or stylish eyeglasses to complement your outfits, you can go for these classy frames called Carmen. Carmen frames come in different shades including black, brown, pink, and purple.

3) Derecho:

Available at $19.95 only


Derecho is a great option if you are looking for high-quality metal eyeglass frames. Derecho does not only give you a stylish look but also perfectly fits your face without adding weight if you want it for daily use. It is available is a unique design in tortoise and black colors.

4) Octavia:

Available at $9.95 only


As the name shows, this is a geometric-shaped frame that looks great on oval, round, and triangular face shapes. Octavia frames are available in black, golden & black, silver, and silver & black. You can make a statement on every occasion by adding these fashionable frames to your outfits.

5) Plush:

Available at $19.95 only


The most popular style of 2021, cat-eye frames can take your outfit to a whole new level. Plush is available in two colors that are brown and gray. Cat-eye frames look great if you have an oval, square, triangular, or heart face.

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Finding the perfect frame for your face is easy now as Eye Winsome has everything that you are looking for in an eyeglass frame. Any frame shape or color you are looking for, we have got you covered! Our eyeglass frames are not only affordable but come in a wide range of designs. Visit our shop for more details or get in touch by calling us at +1 512 999 0716.

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